The first alpha of font sender has been released, version 0.1

The first beta of font sender has been released, version 0.2, with lots of extra features! This may well be the last version, however this next period of inactivity might well be the calm before the storm - stay tuned!

Welcome to Font Sender!

Welcome to the font sender website.

Ever been in a situation on MSN where you've had some wicked font, changed it, and yet it comes up to everyone else as arial?

This is due to this weird and wonderful font not being installed on your system. Dammit. You can look in your fonts folder (C:\windows\fonts) find the name of the font, go to that place on msn, send it over, and then get them to copy it in their fonts folder. Alternatively, you could download this wonderful little program I've been writing which does the whole lot for you. Hey, we're all looking for excuses to be lazy :)

The software is written in Java, and so is completely platform independant. It is distributed as a ZIP file, and to run the program simply unzip the file to a new folder and run the contained JAR file. Please note you will need the JRE for the software to work.

Any bugs or feature requests, please drop them into the sourceforge bug reporting / feature requests system. This software is in early development at the moment, so bugs and crashes are likely. Please report them so it can be fixed!

Downloads, bug reports and all other project features can be found on the Font Sender sourceforge project page.

Thanks to sourceforge for hosting the site.

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